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Please download and read the following documents relating to tuition at the studio during the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you.


With two decades of experience in teaching the piano and a 100% pass rate with merit or above, you can be sure to achieve the goals you want. Whether it’s advancing through the grades or just learning for fun, one-to-one tuition is the surest way of getting results.

Lessons are tailored to suit the student with a constant focus on good technique and musicianship. In order to achieve results it is essential that students have access to a piano on which they can practise in between lessons and have the means to dedicate time to a conscious practise regime. 


As a professional accordionist, regularly performing in public under various conditions, Art is able to offer expertise in playing the piano-accordion efficiently and musically.

Over the years, Art has studied the instrument and the many different styles in which the instrument can be played including Celtic folk music, classical transcriptions, French musette, Brazilian folk music, and tango.

It can be quite surprising to learn about the instrument’s versatility and expressive qualities and a fun instrument to learn!

It is advisable to start with a smaller accordion and learn the basics as a beginner before advancing to larger varieties, however, the techniques are transferable.

NB. Art currently only teaches piano-accordion with a Stradella bass configuration. For free bass instruments and button accordion tuition, get in touch for recommendations.


Art has been studying the guitar over the past 20 years and is an ex-student of the uniquely talented guitarist, Tim Scott, and jazz guitarist, Predrag Simovic.

Art has experience as a guitarist in rock bands, jazz ensembles and as a session musician and is well-versed in a number of playing styles such as rock, metal, funk, and jazz with a focus on soloing and improvisation.

Lessons are held at Art’s studio in Chorlton where students can plug their guitar into the rig and achieve any desired sound as well as play along with backing tracks.

NB. Art solely teaches electric guitar. For lessons in classical guitar, Amy Bowles comes highly recommended.



Are you wanting to read music? analyse it? write it? At first, music theory can be daunting for anyone but by understanding what is at first mysterious, you can unlock the potential to one of the ultimate forms of expression. 

Art has been studying music and music production for many years not just as a musician but as a composer in lots of different styles. 

As a musician, it’s important to understand the music just as much as having the technical ability to play and music theory is always taught alongside learning an instrument. Having a grasp of what’s happening in the music can help a performer to have a more intuitive approach to learning and help memorisation.

As a songwriter, it’s not uncommon to become stuck in a rut or have a creative block. Often times, all it takes for inspiration is to learn a little more about music theory to unlock creative potential.

  • All lessons are given from Artemus Studios in Chorlton, Manchester
  • Availability during weekdays 09:00 – 21:00 (no availability during weekends)
  • Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice for non-emergencies, else full price of lesson charged
  • Access to musical instrument studied is essential for development and a certain amount of daily practise required (and expected)
  • DBS checked


30 minutes


60 minutes



Block booking (10th lesson free)

30 minutes x 10


Block booking (10th lesson free)

60 minutes x 10