Arrangement and transcription services for solo instruments, small ensembles and orchestration.

Requirements for arrangement will vary greatly from project to project and that’s why this is such a bespoke service. Close collaboration will ensure that the arrangement will fit the genre of music as well as the music’s purpose.

Here are a few examples of where arranging music is required:

  • Reducing an orchestral score to one or two instruments, eg. arranging a Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra song for solo piano
  • Adding a string arrangement for a ballad for added depth and to build momentum (think how effective the strings are on songs such as The Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home” or REM’s “Everybody Hurts”)
  • Changing the style of a track from one genre to another, eg. “5th of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy

Orchestral reduction:

“Smile” by Charlie Chaplin – arranged for solo piano by Art Bailey

String and piano arrangement on ballad: